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Originally Posted by bizzo01 View Post

OK, so you wrote everything wrong with the FED ships that have no KDF version, that still doesn't mean we don't want them.
You dont want some of then, you certainly dont want the Kumari since it PAYS for its 5 weapons and 5 tactical consoles, add cloak into it and you be flying the "IKS made of paper ... that is burning, oh sh ...".

The Vesta is a good ship that is just hard to use, that one ... I can understand, I even understand the Armitage but there are mechanics in KDF that means if you get the ship something will give, a Kumari as it stands as a Raider would be hideous broken and only less so as a Raptor, the Armitage itself leads problems if cloak and would end up being a Peghqu with a hangar that is certainly not right.

If we bring up allied KDF ships there are things that could be done but there doesnt seem to much of a idea of those ships being made, I guess because they cannot Cloak and so they dont want a ship they cannot "Kerrat" with.

Also if you follow Fed ships requests you see many times they are pretty much asking for KDF Battlecruisers, both sides have worthy ships and less worthy ships.
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