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05-20-2013, 02:50 PM
If you use a BO3 with your DBB combined with a CRF 1 and an APO3 with an APA3, you should be able to down a single shield facing. And timing is required against players. You need to unleash that hell combo right before your THY3 quantums hit. The APA3 + APO3 + THY3 will boost your torps up to around 25k base damage, with 60-70k crits. And you won't have to worry about shields since your BO3 will have taken out one of their shield facings. I would also recommend you use AP DBBs, for crit severity, since your APA3 will massively boost your crit, and the APA3 and APO3 will massively boost all your damage. If you still can't do it, I would add on GDF for an addition 25% base damage.

You will never consistently kill players in one or two salvos, but you can do it every few minutes. Based on what your build looked like, your problem is that you are relying on purely kinetic damage. That's foolish. You should have at least SOMETHING towards energy weapons, since kinetic is again only reliable against hull. And it's very easy to keep shields up against pure torp boats. I do it all the time in my Odyssey. It's almost laughable when I realize they have NOTHING boosting energy damage. After that, I just cycle EPtS3 and never have to worry about ever dying.

Remember, unless you are using transphasic torps, you will have issues with shields. Try the above combo and you are likely to have fewer problems.
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