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Originally Posted by freedumb4eva View Post
Look me up on Gateway... Torpedoes are completely worthless against shields.

The reason that I have trouble getting through shields is because of high shields resistance on the target + all of my consoles are for quantum torps.
This is a bit like trying to bang a square peg into a round hole and then demanding someone fix the hole. You're using the wrong tools at the wrong time.

Torpedoes cannot easily sustain high, constant DPS and all shields have a built-in kinetic resists. Torpedoes are intended to be used on unshielded targets and deal kinetic damage. Many high-level players use kinetic resist engineering consoles to diminish that damage further. They do this specifically because getting hit with a big damage spike from a Tricobolt Device or Quantum torp can one-shot an unshielded ship otherwise.

Transphasic cluster torps are nasty in that more damage bypasses the target's shields and the entire cluster of mines gets a single critical hit roll (it seems that way at least), meaning a critical hit can one-shot an unprepared player. Elite NPC mobs armed with the TPCT can one-shot a player ship through its shields.

What you should be doing is hammering on someone's shields until they get close to dropping, tractoring them to keep them from moving, and firing a barrage of torps into the exposed flank. It takes skill, finesse, and good tactical thinking, but it's brutal when done right.