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ah, dps. please dont tell me thats what you think is the problem here, that cruisers cant DPS well, because they kinda can. but DPS is worthless, all the power creep killed it.

apply DPS and time and you win all pve. its not that simple in pvp. 10k dps cruisers in pve will only have about 500-2000 DPS in pvp, with the resistance levels you actually deal about 50-25% of your listed damage to the target. your target's heals, regeneration, proc heals, and sky high resistance levels out heals that gradual, constant DPS faster then it is applied.

it has nothing to do with how high the DPS you can produce is, its all about the delivery. if its front loaded, like it is from BO and DHCs, you can remove an entire shield faceing in a single cycle. gradual pressure damage has to deal with manual distribution transferring shields when it deals damage, it has to shoot through all 4 facings before it will get a shot at hull. DHC and other spike can get to hull on demand, pressure never can, never damage hull, and thus never actually hurt your target.

it doesn't mater how high the DPS is, if its totally ineffective. pressure damage has a net of 0 damage dealing as a result. any amount of cross healing makes pressure damage do less then nothing, in so that it sets off proc heals on your target, your better off not fireing energy weapons if you are flying a heal boat.

not being about to be flown like a battle cruiser with escort weapons makes the d'deridex crap. all i want is it to move as well as a negvar, the fattest usable battle cruiser.
So, here's the thing. I keep getting attacked, insulted and called a troll. But what this entire discussion keeps boiling down to is people don't like to turn slow. When questioned about if the ship is ineffective, I get told this:

"They're big and slow, but not really that much tougher than escorts and with less than half the damage output."

So really, what's the deal drunk? Are cruisers that bad at deeps? If so, then I'm all for bumping up their agility.

But I've been led to believe that cruisers are not bad at deeps. That they can do all kinds of neat deeps tricks. And that it's escorts that are hard pressed to keep up with cruisers.

If that's the case, then this ship, which is heavily tac focused, would seem to be ... I guess the word I'm looking for is ... fine?

The entirety of this thread has boiled down to two reasons to buff its turn rate:

1- Personal preference. People don't like turning slow.
2- Cruisers are bad at DEEPs.

I don't find reason 1 to be something that will compel the developers to change the ship. Especially since it has a built in trick (it's own battle cloak) to help overcome that. And isn't there a console set bonus to boost the innate turn-rate?

I would find reason 2 compelling to push for increased agility. But everything I've been told about cruisers is that their DEEPs is pretty good. With a ton of hyperbole mixed into the mix.

The only other thing I can think of is, people just want the excelsior layout with a D'Deridex skin. That's disappointing.