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Hey now, don't forget this:

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It wasn't listed in the blog, but this is another item that's a possible prize in the box:

  • Genetic Resequencer: One of four new Traits, each packaged with one free Trait Respec. Each captain may only unpack each Trait a single time, after which time it will remain a permanent option they may select when choosing their Traits.
    • Helmsman - Space Trait:
      • +10% Flight Turn Rate
      • Evasive Maneuvers cooldown reduced by 10sec
    • Precise - Space Trait:
      • +25% Accuracy vs. Small Targets (Torpedoes, Mines, Fighters, etc.)
    • Conduit - Ground Trait:
      • Extra Shield Heal when using Shield Charges.
      • Extra Damage Bonus when using Power Cells.
    • Disassembler - Ground Trait:
      • +10% Damage vs. Non-Living Targets (Turrets, Holograms, etc.)

There will be a a FAQ posted shortly that details the full contents of potential prizes of the Tal Shiar Lock Box


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