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05-20-2013, 03:58 PM
short Term
-> Addons to help new players, as a pluging that can be download at choose. thirth party or developers.

- one that can remenber your skillplnnerchoose from, and have it on game as pattern. i know its not a deal to go to web eacht time, but... as a newbie, i put skills than cost my money to replace.

-one that can remenber where you go to do daily mission, this game its amazing but I get lost easy

- one notepad

-one that translate main UI, to spanish, and others. another that translate missions, antoher to traslate... other content. sepatated may be.

- one that can guide on crafting, what patterns have what they need to have, before go the main Crafter hub.
-one that where to see your income where come, and your spend goes.. accountant.

and many more ideas ...i knoe we can go and look but.. i think can be easy we can choose parts we need to expand.

that plugins that explain the game help to have more users.

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