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05-20-2013, 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
TRIBBLE has been updated to a new build.

  • Cutting the Cord: Hakeev will now be gone when his death cutscene is over, regardless of player's faction.
  • Enemy Action: Updated the cutscene of the prisoner running so she is properly disintegrated.
  • Updated Duties of Command so that exiting the game during the mission will no longer prevent players from re-entering and completing it.
  • Updated Cold Comfort so that Romulan Aliens can Interrogate Tran.
  • Updated The House Always Wins so that leaving the mission during the Family Matters step no longer prevents mission completion.
Just curious here Zero.. are they going to push this to Live with the current costuming bug with inconsistent color palettes and random costume pieces color locking?

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