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Originally Posted by pegasussgc View Post
I think I must be one of the few who actually likes the reputation system. However, I would like to see some way for faster reputation progression for multiple characters. I was one of the unlucky many who did about 1000 elite stfs and only received 1 mkxii tech drops, so I was really relieved when I found out about the reputation system and the removal of the "random chance" factor.
you are not one of the few there are a lot that like the system as it is it just seems that on these fourms there are more people here that complain about the game is all this is I find the usually people in the game that are happy with it really don't say much its kinda weird actually then again they might be busy playing and not griping on here don't worry most of the folks here would like you to think they speak for the majority with the incessant whining and tear jerking but they don't
look for me in game as "Admiral Quinn" yeah that admiral quinn..and while your at it get off muh station!!!