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Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
what buffs are you running...if any.....All I've got to say is DAMN!!!!! XD that is powerful.
Hmmmm, listing buffs alone wouldn't give you the whole picture. It's a pretty purpose-built ship. The entire thing is built to maximize quantum damage, and critical chance/severity.

Gear and crew:

- 3 purple projectile doffs
- 3 Romulan crit tac boffs
- 5x 30% Quantum tac consoles
- Adapted Maco set (2 piece bonus = 25% kinetic dmg)
- Rule 62 console (11% kinetic dmg)
- Romulan and Borg universal consoles
- Tachyokinetic converter
- Romulan plasma sci console


- AP Alpha
- AP Omega III
- Tac Team I
- Go Down Fighting
- Tac Fleet II
- Weapon battery + Exocomp (boosts ALL damage by 10%)

I should note that the above screenshot is a bit outdated - my torps are even more lethal now, with a 5% chance of inflicting an extra 750 kinetic damage (omega weapon amp, tier 4 omega rep) and a 2.5% chance of inflicting a wee plasma burn from my Rom console.