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ya... actually it sorta is. its not always pretty, but its balanced. this is another case of repeating something someone said over and over. this is more commenting without actually experience. or this is an opinion formed when you qued up and got spanked and dont understand why. pve does such a disservice to players, not teaching them how to actually play.

pvp is still extreamly fun, and playable, with tight margins for success, without 1 captain type or ship or build being an i win button. well, except the bug sorta. successful teams have lots of sci and control, with spiky escorts exploiting debuffs. theres just no room for engineers and fed styles cruisers in it anymore, which is why most pvp'ers call for large buffs to those 2 things. and why the d'deridex is such a hot topic, becase its slated asa crappy cruiser with that turn rate, instead of a very fun and usable battle cruiser with an at least 9 turn rate.

if pvp was so unbalanced and unplayable, i wouldn't have made such a huge help thread for it, filled with all the tribal knowledge you need to figure pvp out. linked to in my sig
Again, your complaints, while valid, aren't anything specific to the D'D.... Personally, I only PvP if my fleet mates want to have fun or someone wants to test a build. I stick to PvE and writing Foundry misisons for the most part.

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