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Alright I was firmly in the "D'deridex is fine" camp, but with the Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser having a turn rate of 7 despite being a D'deridex with a bunch of borg crap bolted onto it, there's no logical reason left to keep the D'deridex at its current turn rate.

And don't say that the borg crap makes it more maneuverable because the Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer is a borg'd up Dhelan and that gets its turn rate knocked down to 11.

If the Warcrab turns at 7, the D'deridex should turn at at least 8 if not 9.
The best part about those tal'shiar ships? You're basically flying a Narada!

That's so freakin SWEEEEEET! You get to be Nero! "Hello Christopher. I'm Nero!" "Codes please!" "Spock? SPAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHCK!"

We should all meet up in the Laurentian system and discuss how awesome this new development is!