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05-20-2013, 06:53 PM
I tend to use /gfxsetdefaultfov 25. You can replace 25 with whatever you want, but I found I like 25 for space. I seem to like it lower then others I've talked to though. Even stuff far away looks big, so it helps give STO the sense of scale I think it is missing, and objects on the side monitors don't stretch to three times their correct length. Makes things look a little weird on the ground though. I believe 55 is default. Here is a topic on the fov (and where I learned this command):

As for resolution, mine is 6036 wide with bezel correction. Catalyst Control Center will help you get the width correct for your monitors (since the bezels on yours are probably a different thickness).

I'm wondering if the game has trouble with either multiple cards or large amounts of video RAM. I see a couple posters have mentioned a troubleshooting section in the options. I don't think I've noticed that before, so I'll check that out.