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05-20-2013, 08:33 PM
Account bound tiers but character unlock gear, Makes sense as the character has to work to get the gear rather than it freely given out to alts.

This entire reputation system has made me reevaluate STO. I prefer the KDF gameplay and feel of the game and due to this have totally not touch my Federation characters except turning them into farmers. I have been forced to delete characters I made to have fun on and have decided to only make one Romulan just to play the new content and that will be it. No developing this character, no STF's etc. It too will either be deleted or turned into a farmer due to this insane grind they call a Rep system.

I think all reputation points should be the same, no Omega, Romulan or Tholian. Just Reputation marks that you can use in any reputation system you want. You gain reputation marks for everything like skill points. So if you do a Lore mission, or a campaign mission like Bringing Down the House you get reputation marks for it. The reputation projects should also do away with the commodities and just ask for expertise and marks. Still a grind, but combined with the account bound tiers it won't hit players as hard.

STO has lost a lot of the fun appeal since season 7, it feels more like work now due to the combination of the reputation and fleet systems. I miss the season 4 and 5 days.
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