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05-20-2013, 08:59 PM
Well...I knew it was coming, eventually.

However, a point I'd like to bring up:

Klingons have a better variety of consoles at the tier 1-tier 4 (aka level 1-39). Federation has a better variety (for the most part) at the tier 5 level (levels 40-50). Hence why the KDF seems to get the crappier trades pretty much this whole time. Most of the Federation's 'better' consoles are only equip able on their top tier ships. Klingons have a better bit of choices at their lower levels, but not so much at the higher level (part of it being a lack of C-store consoles at tier 5 to begin with).

I won't say anymore, but do look forward to all the QQing, both in game, and on the forums here.