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05-20-2013, 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
i cant wait to grind out to level 50

and all the doffing it will take to get to tier 4 cxp so i can get mad fleet marks

grinding 3 reps from scratch, only after i got to level 50, and then pvping with no rep for a wile

doing stfs again, catching those stupid bunnies, actually going to nukara prime or however the hell you get those marks

slowly get gear wile the majority of the game is building romulans at the same time, driving up prices on every single thing

i am loth to make a new character. they have made it agonizing. just having to log in and do the CE event every day for 50k dil practically killed this game for me, since i did that 14 times ive only been playing every other week more or less. i dont know what this is going to do to me. got the legacy pack though, im invested. i made a a bet i'll endure
I know right? It's going to be SO FUN. For real. I seriously can't wait to start a brand new character from scratch! I mean, why wouldn't you? There's just so much great incentive to do so. So much AWESOME content just waiting in the wings. I mean, who doesn't love the daunting, mindless, soul-eating grind that has infected virtually every aspect of the game?