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05-20-2013, 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by ficr View Post
Every time I think about opening my wallet...

I was just starting to get into my KDF alt. Started looking to buy some C-store ships in the future. It took a while to learn the difference in handling a bird of prey versus Fed ships. The only thing left that separates FED from KDF is the Battle Cloak...

The last time I thought about opening my wallet, they announced Romulan Faction. Then we find out, No, you have to align with FED/KDF.

So do I have this right. KDF has to use Zen to get the Leech.
Fed can get the Leech:
1. Keys (Lock Box)
2. EC (Exchange)

I'm guessing we can't buy the "FED Leech" off the exchange?
A KDF player who wants the Leech must spend Zen on the appropriate C-Store ship to unlock it.

The one coming from this lockbox will be part of a reward box. It's either going to be the gas/cloak sensing torpedo-thingie console (originally Fed) or the Leech (originally KDF), and what you get from that pack depends on the faction that character opening it is from. If you're Fed, you will get the sought after Leech console. If you're KDF, you're getting that cloak tracking torp thingie. One is obviously better than the other, just like how the Theta Radiation Vents was given out to the Feds on a similar reward pack (that was a great KDF console, too).