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^^ this.

I'm a software developer myself. I know full well there comes a time where you have to stop fixing bugs, and ship the product. This is that time.

Stop whining that they didn't fix your pet issue. If they took the time to address every issue, we'd never get the expansion. Heck, I've got my own pet bug -- there are missing parts from the female custom aliens, which means I can't make any changes to one of my characters without her ears disappearing! When Season 8 goes live, I'm going to open a ticket on the issue, so it gets tracked. No whining, end of story.

Frankly, I'd be more worried if they were making major updates the day before the launch....
If I recall correctly that's called "going gold". The truth is, that this is not a console game, the blessing and the curse of online games is that if you ship with bugs they can be fixed. By contrast a game that is shipped on a disc and will always be on a disc must be as close to perfect as possible. An online game doesn't can keep to its deadlines and ship with bugs as these are things that can be repaired as time goes on.

Furthermore it's impossible for us to know what bugs the developers are working at this moment. Nor do we know how time consuming the fixes are. I counsel patience my esteemed colleagues.

That said. My Bug is that my starship is still my first officers legs on tribble. I hope that when Holodeck upgrades my ship is on the Character select screen.
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I myself would like to know, if the fact that an Aquarius is deployed from an Odyssey-class ship, it quadruples in size, is in fact a "bug" or another one of Cryptic's unannounced "features" that makes players scratch their heads and go "What....?"

Does the BOP from the Bortasqu' do the same thing?
Perhaps Starfleet has mastered Subspace Compression phenomena to the point that they have created a device to duplicate it.
Yes I support This

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