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05-20-2013, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
meta game hasn't caught up yet? the metagames moves at the speed of changes, and is perfectly aligned with what actually effective. all these ways you mentain its not supposed to be flown, your not leaving it a single effective way it can be flown.
That would be because after three consecutive weeks of actually taking the time to explain these things, it's become abundantly clear to me players are wholly disinterested in actually learning to fly the thing in favor of whining about it, and posting further on the topic is a complete waste of my time. If you are interested, do a forum search for my posts about it.

...some stat issues can be forgiven because they are made up something else.
Like the fact the D'Deridex can peak out at almost a 30 turn rate while having DHC's, over 200K EHP, and a halfway decent boff layout?

...and get laughed out of any team play, they serve no purpose, other then hunting loaners in cap and holds. the d'deridex will be joining those ranks as it is. of the 3, it will be the best for its ability to actually position for a decloak 10 times better then those other 2, but beyond that, it will still be a terrible ship. spending the vast majority of its time not able to do anything, wile any other war bird in its place can be fighting well the entire time.
I guess we'll find this out for ourselves. I'm putting my money on the ship being a major dark horse.
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