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05-20-2013, 10:53 PM
Well, the thing is its NOT a D'd with a 7 turn. The boff layout is completely different. I also don't see how adding a bunch of crap to the hull makes it turn faster, but meh, whatever.

I also don't understand your proposed solution to wanting a cruiser with a better turn rate. Essentially what you are saying then is "you want a cruiser that turns faster, fly a bug ship"? You fly a cruiser (well, at least I do) for the higher level engineer stations, yes? so how does going to a Lt and Ensign (most common layout for it) solve the issue?

If this is the entire basis for your resistance to the proposed changes, then its no wonder you disagree with them. By your rationale then, all cruisers should be at 5 turn because that is their play style? I guess I really don't understand your line of thinking in this regard.

There is a very stark difference between a JHAS and any given cruiser. You know this, I know this, everyone knows this. There is also a very stark difference between asking for a +2 turn rate and asking for it to handle like a bug ship.

I personally don't like flying escorts. They make me feel like I am cheating. I do realize that by not flying one, I am playing with a handicap, no doubt, but when you get above a certain amount of turn, it just starts to feel like hax.

I like cruisers. Not only are they iconic star trek ships, but they have a different play style than escorts. It happens to be a style that I enjoy in this game.

So no, telling me that I should just fly a JHAS instead of asking for a slight increase to a/any cruisers turn rate, is not really an acceptable solution.