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05-20-2013, 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by msk5 View Post
I just think that their flimsy lorelol justification is well and truly gone, now. The D'deridex should get a turn rate buff. Will it? I dunno.

The game in general needs a good balance pass after a few months of LoR render all the data required to balance warbirds. I'm looking forward to flying the D'deridex on holodeck but having seen the Khnial in beta, I just don't get how it can possibly turn better, thing's easily three times the size of a standard D'deridex.
There's more to the physics of how quickly something can turn than volume. Namely mass and how much force is applied to accelerate the object.

The size of an object (volume), does not necessarily correlate with its mass. An object can occupy more space but have less mass, and vice versa. Likewise, a more massive object could turn more quickly than a less massive object if the more massive object has more force available to accelerate it.

Not to take a side in the turn rate argument, but too many people are arguing based on the idea that volume alone should determine the turn rate, when that is not nearly the case.