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05-21-2013, 12:05 AM
the new system is fair and the grind has an end.
also, new stuff was introduced in the process.

what i do miss is the opportunity to CHOOSE which kind of marks you get as a reward.

for example - i was enjoying the salt vampires, but i have no reason to play the event after my Romulan Rep is finished and i have everything i needed from the stores.
IF i could get FM's instead, i would love to replay it once in a while.


.................................................. ..

on time gating:

the game is F2P and as such paid by people with money - aka jobs

the time gates are annoying, but actually they prevent that people without job grind the best stuff ingame quick, leaving the peeps which work/have families or any kind of RL far behind.

in other words - it prevents elitism.

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