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Originally Posted by theodrim View Post
That would be because after three consecutive weeks of actually taking the time to explain these things, it's become abundantly clear to me players are wholly disinterested in actually learning to fly the thing in favor of whining about it, and posting further on the topic is a complete waste of my time. If you are interested, do a forum search for my posts about it.

Like the fact the D'Deridex can peak out at almost a 30 turn rate while having DHC's, over 200K EHP, and a halfway decent boff layout?

I guess we'll find this out for ourselves. I'm putting my money on the ship being a major dark horse.
theres nothing new under the sun. there is not this other way to learn to play something like this, if there was the galaxy X and bortas would be great ships, for years now. haveing a 30 turn rate wile cloaked does it no good wile its actually trying to dog fight something. and for a tac cruiser its missing a second LT eng that would allow it to easily use a 2 AtB build, the best way to make a tac cruiser effective.

ive been around the tac cruiser block, i came up with the 2 AtB cruiser builds, im not new at this. this ship will perform poorly, even in my hands.
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