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Originally Posted by sylverwolfie View Post
I disagree. I have both a tac and an engineer with the same build in the same type of escort. It does take longer to kill someone with an engineer, but I also survive a lot longer. At times, I prefer my tac, and at other times, I prefer my engineer. It all depends on who I'm fighting, and what they bring to the encounter.

Note: With my engineer, I can win more than 50% of my 1v1's with another escort.

Obsidian / Mee
lol, I always get a kick out of Engineers in escorts.

Tac escort= Pve/Pvp
Sci escort= PvP

With Engineers you lacking alot of the escorts potential. The only REAL skill you have career wise is Miracle Worker. Big whoop, that just a 1-time insta heal.

If your winning 50% of your 1v1's then you are obviously playing inexperienced or clueless PvP escort pilots (which is VERY common in STO). Hell I win almost all of my 1v1's against built Escorts in a ****ing Dkora(as a tac). And I limit myself to only playing GOOD players.

I've never lost to a engineering piloting an escort in a 1v1 whether in my Dkora, Jem Attack Ship, Kumari's, Defiants, MVAE, Mobius etc. Would be happy to give you a run. Find me DnaAngel@DnaAngel in game.

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