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05-21-2013, 05:20 AM
Reminds me of Nexon NA when trying to play one of their games, and yes those guys are just as bad at running their games as PW is. They penny pinch and don't give jack S*** about their player base on the cash they get. I only say this from experience in playing other games. Since Nexon and PW are both based out of by surprise surprise an ASIA country (South Korea), their NA counterpart thinks that they can stave off money by giving us cheap crappy servers to run the games on which results in random disconnections, server lag and what not.

I remember when Cryptic was owned by a real NA company and the servers never had as many issues as we have now. Either the hardware is horse hockey or the software just plainly sucks balls or it could be very bad coding. Either way the result is that we the players suffer from it and that results in the amount of complaints about server lag, rubber banding and server disconnects.