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# 1 Returning, or not?
05-21-2013, 05:26 AM
Hi guys!

Been gone from STO a good year now, but is considering coming back as my reasons for leaving have started fading from memory. My question is: what's the state of the game atm? ('the game'=pvp)

I seem to remember some things were silly OP when I left, but can't remember what... anyway, has it been fixed? Also, are there any new OP-ness available?

What's the heaviest setup running regularly these days? Are there still premades out there? What's the winning strategy they use now? (like CRFing or Power draining or healspamming or whatever new thing)

Needless to say, my main motivation for returning would be rolling a Romulan, so I can fly around acting like an arrogant prick while hiding behind lore. Still, I might take the sucker into pvp...

Any recommendations would be appreciated.