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05-21-2013, 07:13 AM
Oh look, what I said would happen in the first pages of this thread happened.

KDF did not only get boned this time around, they also got dumped into the 'we really don't give a turd' pile at dev central.


- Feds get plasmonic leech and kdf gets a worthless torpedo. Yes, worthless because only in PVP is it of any use and worthless because its so slow you can outrun it at half impulse.

- No fixes to any KDF issues.

- No new KDF ships, items or anything.

- Starting level 1 is pointless in a game where you reach level 50 in less than 3 days. Endgame is where its at and endgame KDF only gets a 'please bend over some more' every patch.

- New Reputation weapons = KDF elite fleet weapon proc. Not surprisingly, there are no Fed elite weapon proc found in same said reputation weapon store.



- Romulans get insanely overpowered cloaking ships and cloak abilities the KDF is locked out of (cloak damage bonus/cloak timer reduction space traits for example).

- Romulan faction has received enormous bonuses that can be stacked in their favor which are not available to fed or kdf. Plasma damage items,stats,traits, etc. KDF gets turd'd here because it is a fact the kdf is now the third faction on a priority list that used to be 99% fed stuff 1% romulan. Now it will be something like 90% romulan 9.9999% fed and kdf .0001 priority. Did you not notice the horde of fed issue fixes coming this patch which was done while they worked on romulan stuff? notice too there are NO KDF fixes? That tells you all you need to know.