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Hi guys!

Been gone from STO a good year now, but is considering coming back as my reasons for leaving have started fading from memory. My question is: what's the state of the game atm? ('the game'=pvp)

I seem to remember some things were silly OP when I left, but can't remember what... anyway, has it been fixed? Also, are there any new OP-ness available?

What's the heaviest setup running regularly these days? Are there still premades out there? What's the winning strategy they use now? (like CRFing or Power draining or healspamming or whatever new thing)

Needless to say, my main motivation for returning would be rolling a Romulan, so I can fly around acting like an arrogant prick while hiding behind lore. Still, I might take the sucker into pvp...

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

A good setup these days is 3 sci and 2 tac. IMO the best team would be a bug, a defiant, 2 temporal sci ships and a recluse. Double tap beam overload decloak alpha by the defiant, followed by a subnuke and attack by the bug, then subnuke again if he RSPs. The time ships usually run a PSW to break the extend shields from the other team and the recluse just spam heals all day with support healing from the time ships and maybe a viral matrix to coincide with an attack. The bug may or may not need to use his alpha, and if he doesn't then you still have another alpha and subnuke (or 2 if your target didn't RSP) for the next guy. Also using jump console to help subnuke is quite popular, and it's especially helpful when nuking an enemy with alhpa up. Not only do you spoil all his buffs, but you can quickly turn the tables on him if one of your tacs has an alpha up. Well, at least that's the strategy that I've had the most success with.

With as much new stuff as they have added, I'd say they've done a pretty good job of keeping things somewhat balanced. It can't possibly be easy, but the devs (especially Borticus) seem to actually fix stuff that is broken or OP at some point.

And of course there's plenty of spam as there are more carriers than ever, but the most annoying thing to me is when ejected warp plasma, gravity wells, and theta radiation actually disappear from the map but you still get stuck in it. I'm pretty sure this has some correlation with the amount of spam and/or simultaneous plasma clouds on screen.

Overall though, it's quite enjoyable and I'm glad we have a dev. around that interacts with the PvP community and actually fixes stuff.

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