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05-21-2013, 06:27 AM
Spamming still exists, in fact, yellowstone pets now have EWP and TB for extra fun. I think the typical/optimal setup these days is 3 science captains in a wells and 2 tacs in a bug but I've seen plenty of combinations that seem to work fine. The winning strategy varies, I've seen some teams go with heal heavy strategies which, despite being hard to kill makes their team struggle to kill their opponents with a decent healer and makes matches excruciatingly long. Apparently, defensive creep is very high so that it is very hard to kill a well geared player with tier 5 omega and romulan passive bonuses, so strategy revolves heavily around timing nukes with alphas and alot of tacs have gone to double or even triple BO with DEM to deal with the problem.

None of this matters now as today Romulans are here and feds will have to deal with battleclaoks, they can no longer just not queue up for FvF. What's worse, with good skills and a few romulan doffs it appears it will be very hard to detect and counter decloak aplha strikes.

Good Luck.
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