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05-21-2013, 06:35 AM
Originally Posted by crappyturbo View Post
Yes the drop system pre-season 7 had mk XI and mk XII but the only way to get those was to get a drop in elite STF's. My roommate spent 8 months trying for that one drop and never got it and doing 3 to 5 ESTF's a day pissed him off greatly. I never tried to go for any because of that and the superior attitude of the people in those missions, hell I still avoid the ESTF's because of the attitude of some of the people in them.
lol superior attitude. Here's a quick reference link for what elite means:

Now don't get me wrong, being good doesn't mean you have to be a d*** about it but conversely when someone is really good, it's usually a good idea to listen or take part in mission organization with them. I'm getting sick and tired of people complaining about elitism and comparing it to people being complete *******.

There are also a lot of people currently playing on this elite difficulty (which is meant for better players at the game) and are hopelessly out matched and die so often that they risk losing the mission and are guaranteed to lose the optional. Though now a lot of the better players in this game no longer pug which is a big shame and quite a loss imo.