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05-21-2013, 06:58 AM
Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
simple logic, if it was the servers or the client...EVERYONE would experience issues.
everyone doesn't, sooo...yeah, brandon was correct in asking people to check their stuff.

clean your systems, shut down unnecessary processes, reinstall dx and c++ runtimes. update/reinstall drivers. software and drivers can get corrupted, they are not eternally perfect where one install covers the entire lifespan of the OS they're installed on.

other issues could be your route to the servers, saying 'other online locations work fine' is no indicator of anything related to an mmo with servers in a specific location. neverwinter working fine as some have stated, could be a general indication that you do have corruption somewhere in STO's client specifically.

shader cache could be corrupted, specific files, difficult to guess as you could have the clients on different hdd's even.
Firstly, not everyone who experiences problems uses the forum, so you cannot just randomly speculate that the majority is not lagging. Secondly people from all different countries are having the connection problems, so unless all these people have all the same programs installed on their systems, the same OS, same hardware, same ISP which take the same route to the servers, there is no way it's an issue on the players end.
And defending the developer who is clearly in the wrong, you come across as insulting and arrogant to the players experiencing these severe issues.