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05-21-2013, 07:07 AM
I have both my Klingon toons maxed on the reputation tree. It took me about a couple months on the primary and about 2 weeks longer on the secondary. Now understand that my primary is also maxed after a year and a month or so on the doff trees. I joined the day when STO went to FTP. I focused on running the doffs needed to do the rep trees and the doff trees along with running the stf's required to do so.

Whereas my team mate loves to focus on accolades he has been onboard since beta, oh I guess three years or more now, He is a career/lifer and has purchased the full rommie pack and since he has focused on the accolades he is just finishing his doff tree and also the Rep trees on his secondary now and has not done so on his third Klingon Toon. I said all this to say it depends upon your focus accolades or Doffs. If you focus on the required doffs and STF missions you will complete it quickly, but if you are an accolade hog then it will take longer.

It really takes focus on what your goal is, Doff and stfs gain you plenty of energy credits and dilithium along with the Omega marks. The Romulan marks requires doing the Romulan missions and a lot of running around New Romulus. I would suggest when you are able to do so, get two or three purple Farengi traders on your crew. Your rewards on trading doffs will be higher with successful or better completions.

I wish you good fortune and good hunting.
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