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05-21-2013, 07:29 AM
the base has all tier 1 facilities upgraded and has the engi tier 2 (industrial fabricator) upgrade in cd. the same iron resolve that enabled the house beautiful orions to be the first kdf fleet across the line in every milestone is in action with house of beautiful romulans. tens of millions of ec, millions of dilithium, and every project in constant CD. all featured projects were finished before the fleet was even 2 days old. this is no 'casual fleet'. this is not a dead end. this is a free ride on the back of the kdfs leading fleet and the potential to use the house of beautiful t5 fleet store.
we are the house of beautiful, and we get things done.
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I wanna join! Except... no Rom toons, yet?
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Would like to join when the patch goes live.
they sure make any attempt to send a private message a miserable experience on this forum.
i managed to send each of you one despite the cryptic webmasters best efforts to thwart me.
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