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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Any chance we can get a full listing of the available reward Doffs and their new active functions?

Also (unless I missed it), any exposition on functional difference between Adapted Cloak and Regular/Battle Cloak?
From what's in the blog, the Adapted cloak is akin to a regular cloak, not a battlecloak. So a la most Klingon ships, can only be activated out of combat.

Battlecloak is therefore limited to Warbirds (not sure, maybe the Tier 1 ones have a regular cloak) and Klingon BoPs.

Romulans also usually have their version of (battle)cloak more efficient; thus is it called 'Romulan (Battle)cloak'.

Then there are the Tier 5 versions of the T'Varo and B'Rel that dispose of the Enhanced battlecloak, allowing projectiles and some abilities be used while cloaked. Again, the T'Varo gets a 'Romulan Enhanced Battlecloak', supposedly slightly better in stealth than the Klingon version.

Hope that clarifies it.
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