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11-25-2009, 03:29 PM
hm, some nice info, and some that concerns me..
and the ones that concern me the most are about the businessmodels..
since the so called success of the market place on the xbox360, and other titles who tried this model.. this part is really getting worse.
i know that theres alot of ppl trying to defend it, and alot spend their money on it (no matter how often i would call it a no-brainer).. but seriously.. that doesnt feel right.
especially with monthly fee and the possibility of expansionpacks it feels like squeezing the last bucks out of the fans.
deciding things like that, shouldnt be done before the game settled itself witha playerbase big enough _and_ players asking for things like that..
otherwise this game will be hellgate2.0 and we know well how that ended (if not, ask roper)..