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05-21-2013, 08:56 AM
by foundrelic
To add to this, there are Male Speedo dancers in a Club in the Legacy of Romulus content.
Yes, I noticed
But still no option customizable
And tbh, there is ALOT less interest to make male costume options than there is for female. One look at the at the C-Store proves it. There is not one, not two, but 3 exclusive costumes for females:

- Counselor Troi
- Seven of Nine
- T'Pol

That's all well and good, I'm glad females have those choices. But I'm sure there are players who would be glad to pay a little extra for some fancy male duds. I'm one of them. All the emphasis on female costuming attempts to force males to switch to female chars to look special, something I've refused to do. Does it make me feel left out of the RP scheme? Yes. Do I believe Cryptic would make more money by adding special male costumes to the C-Store and adding shorts to some male species tailor options? Absolutely. Do I think there are any special costumes that may be added for men? I don't just think so, I know there are. Though I couldn't find any examples online, I've watched the episodes and seen in TOS:

- Spock's Romulan robe
- The Ceremonial red Kilt of Engineer Scotty
- Several unique costumes of Kirk.

Plus many others of main male Star Trek characters in the later series. If you find an example online, are able to take a screenshot, or remember a cool male costume from the series or movies that could be adapted in game, feel free to share!

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