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05-21-2013, 08:02 AM
I'm currently experimenting with getting the most out a Sci toon in an Atrox.

I've switched from Tetryon to Plasma (Upgrading to Romulan Plasma eventually) and that did increase DPS.

I'm using a Hargh'peng, Beam Array, Dual Beam Bank, with 2x Beam Arrays in back & a turret. I've got better fire power in the front (siege style) but all around I have pretty good fire power too. May be swapping a Beam to another turret.

Tac: Tac Team > Beta Pattern, with 2 Conn Officers.

Eng: EPtS1 > Aux to Dampers (push to turn) > Reverse Shield Polarity

Sci: Polarise Hull > Tractor Beam Repulsors > Charged Particle burst > Gravity Well.
Sci: Transfer Shield Strength > Hazard Emitters > Tachyon Beam 3

2 Neutroniums, Montanium
Theta vent, Flow Cap, 2 Particle Gen (well one is a Grav Gen ATM)
2 Plasma Enegy Damage consoles.

The Flow Cap will be replaced with a Shield Generator eventually.

I'm using Blue Peregrines at the moment but I was wondering should I get Advanced Peregrines, Advanced Stalkers or invest in the Purple Romulan Scorpions?

I honestly think when I unlock it the Omega Plasma Torpedo might be the way to go, it can fire fast and build up charges when your coming around.

I can hole a group in place with Gravity Well, fly through, drop the Theta, Hit the CPB and pick em off with their shields down while their stuck.

I honestly feel this build needs more adjustments. I was running the useless Feedback Pulse for awhile. I don't have any of the big space sets yet (Omega, Borg, MACO) because I'm not sure what to get. Any advice on set and pets would be helpful.

DOFFs 2x Conn, 1 Flight Deck, 1 Grav, 1 Maintenance who will most likely be replaced by a Space Warfare specialist. Also considering the Research Sci who Placates with CPB.
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