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05-21-2013, 09:28 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
...if there was the galaxy X and bortas would be great ships, for years now.
Do the Galaxy-X or Bortas have battle cloak?

...haveing a 30 turn rate wile cloaked does it no good wile its actually trying to dog fight something.
You're not seriously telling me you're trying to "dogfight" in it, are you? It has battle cloak for a frickin' reason.

...and for a tac cruiser its missing a second LT eng that would allow it to easily use a 2 AtB build, the best way to make a tac cruiser effective.

ive been around the tac cruiser block, i came up with the 2 AtB cruiser builds, im not new at this. this ship will perform poorly, even in my hands.
An A2B build, even accounting for the cooldown reduction(s), would play extremely poorly on a warbird anyhow. Cloak's effectiveness is dependent upon auxiliary power, and moreover warbirds have a serious auxiliary power deficit that's not going to be compensated for by aux batteries -- you're better off cutting the middleman and running an EPtX build with either weapons or shield batteries. It's not a Fed cruiser, it's not a KDF battlecruiser, and to fly it like either is ensuring your own failure.
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