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05-21-2013, 08:36 AM
Originally Posted by rextorvan36 View Post
Devils choice needs an overhaul.

I manage to hold until the reinforcements get there. But then what? it seems as if there's no end to that mission.
You're referring to the Defense of New Romulus portion, right? I agree. It's insanely impossible to beat. Same token, I do fine until allied reinforcements come, but there's just too many ships, and just as soon as reinforcements get here, they're obliterated and it's down to three ships vs. however many enemies, and there's just no way to beat it. I just skipped it. Also, the commander's announcements keep repeating like crazy, and they repeat even after I respawn and click depart system. I've had no (or very few and minor) other problems completing missions, and I only have two more missions in the Freedom series to finish.