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Originally Posted by dummyname View Post
I'm not sure on MWO but I'm assuming its the old FASFA remake so its just mechwarriors on the ground. SWTOR is ground combat as well, which only leaves EvE which is incredibly boring to me, and I've done all aspects, Pirating, FW, nulsec small gang roams & large fleet warfare (hello 46DP-0). It seems like regardless of how you want to pvp in that game, it is alot of hurry-up and wait and even large fights seem dull by comparison to a simple 5v5 in STO.

Honestly, I'll never forgive Netdevil for failing to come out with Jumpgate Evolution...that game was going to be awesome for pvp.
Play PVE get spaceships fix, then go play a flying game like Warthunder for pvp someone suggested that on these forums, great idea imo.