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05-21-2013, 08:58 AM
sorry deadspace your wrong.

I would waste my time and explain why but why should i? You have made up your mind and done no research into the matter other than defend Craptic who's servers are down more than a prostitutes knickers and for a lower price!

It amazes me how people blame the users computers that are located all over the world and are different and also there ISP's (dont forget some of you without issues are on the same isp's as us with issues) or something else lke were dreaming it.

Logic when a group of people are having "the same" issues is to blame the company whos software you are using and thats what we have done, im just wondering how many of these players like myself who are having issues play other games that are working fine. My other games are working fine by cryptics are lagging, so yes its my computer maybe its too advanced for cryptics servers!

Thank you, i think i found the problem. MY computer is just too good for there servers