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05-21-2013, 09:01 AM
Look ... I uninstalled STO completely, then downloaded just the Setup.exe from the website, all clean. Then I unpacked the launcher, started it, then it starts patching from zero and it crashes just a few minutes after. Shader cache? Non-existent, the game didn't exist before. Corrupted files? Shouldn't be, as I just initiated the installation process. If that's already the case, I can safely say it's not my end's fault.

I have done many tests to ensure that my internet works fine. Tracing checks, connection speed checks with my provider, port settings etc. it's all perfectly fine. If I was the only one with this problem, I would investigate further on my end, surely so, but there are so many others who recently started having issues with launcher crashing to desktop etc. at the same time I did ... so ... it could really be something on their side, not on ours. I don't mean that everyone has to be affected, but it could be a regional issue, right? Maybe an IP issue, no clue, but then it's out of my power to fix it.

Buttom line is, I can't play, as can't many others for the last days, due to the launcher not being able to patch the game properly. It's only natural that people start getting mad at someone since they can't do anything about it, including me. They all wanna play, so do I, butt we can't. It's nice that you experience no issues and I wish I lived at your place or a few miles around, and then I'd probably have no issues either.

Oh well, let's hope for a chance to play next weekend.

PS: I might have to add that my video card drivers are updated automatically and therefore can't be the source of the problem unless they say it might cause issues with this and that, and then I can manually abort the update and wait for the next one.
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