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05-21-2013, 10:08 AM
Ticket number 130429-000952

Completed the "MACO Commander" and "Omega Force Operative" accolades pre-season 7 and completed "M.A.C.O. Team Commander" after season 7. I have the requirements for "M.A.C.O. Elite Commander" and "Omega Force Shadow Operative" but they are listed as incomplete.
The problem is that there are two copies of the armor set accolades (one from before season 7 and one that was introduced with the reputation system) and the the missing accolades look for the new version. The problem is that the new version will just disappear on completion if the old one is already completed.
The solution seems like it would be simple: the missing accolades just need to recognize the new required accolades *OR* the old ones (plus Roxy manually re-evaluating the accolades for those of us who already have the problem).

Also, Inzara@deathangel444
Missing the upper body Be'ves costume option. Not sure that goes on this thread or not.