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05-21-2013, 09:19 AM
I will be adding a Romulan Tactical Officer to my currently 5 KDF toons, I only really play one Fed toon these days and that is only for fed only stuff with fleet mates.

I just find KDF so much more satisfying. Battle Cruisers, both the Kamarang and the Vor'cha. Their temporal lock box ships look so much better than and make much more sense than any other lock box for my personal tastes. KDF Time ships to me look like a melding of KDF and Gorn technology, and fit my Gorn Science officer.

With that said The B'rel with the enhanced battle cloak never really appealed to me, sorry firing from cloak, just does not sit well with my Honor.

So my Romulan Tactical Officer will be flying a T'varo at end game, already purchased.

Besides the Dominion war showed the KDF and Romulans could have an uneasy alliance, and any Romulan that is KDF is one that is not a FED.

It may be a distasteful solution but better than allowing the Romulans to universally ally with the Federation.

I look forward to seeing you all in sector space.

Edit: It is not like they will get a space on the High Council, even a non voting spot like the Gorn. When that happens I will be up in arms.

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