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mmmm normally im not someone who believes gear makes the player in pvp, but in this game there is a huge disparity between a tricked out fleet ship with mk12 ultra rares and rep gear/bonuses, and the out of the box ship you get while leveling + mission reward purples or blues (jem hadar set, etc)

I do see the point of toning this down one way or another, skill really will only take you so far when youre outgunned, out turned, and out powered in every aspect. The PvP at anything under level 50 is fine. Once you hit 50 and get into those queues, you are absolutely screwed until youve spent literal months obtaining the "uber lootz" just to be competitive.

Each individual buff alone may not seem like much, but when you factor five omega buffs, five romulan buffs, god knows how many accolade buffs, buffs from gear 2 tiers above nominal (mk x) and you see where this goes. DPS alone is almost 30 percent higher from white/green mk X to Purple/Fleet MkXII.

Im starting to feel the PvP in this game is a bit more about what stuff you have than your piloting skills (or ground combat skills). I mean that too. That is never good either.

A brand new level 50 player (no matter how good they may be at the combat itself) simply has no chance in hell of beating an equally skilled veteran just based on their gear+buffs.

PvP should never be affected in this extreme by "stuff"
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