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05-21-2013, 09:41 AM
i think cryptic should not make 3 pack with only dreadnought variant ( if i anderstood you right )

but a galaxy pack that is with the dreadnought, the galaxy retrofit who would be push to science layout and the galaxy retrofit that is currently in the game as the engi one.

so that make only 2 ship to redesign the bo layout, give them some console pack, they already have one, the saucer separation and 2 other.
search in the forum some people have rather good idea for them.
give it a special episode with interior bridge and ship.
let Q do this just like he do it with picard when he bring him in the future and past.

btw, that make me think that the episode" all good things" have already a 3 pack ship, yeah in the end of the episode in the anomaly, you see!! there they are!!! it even cannon