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05-21-2013, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
You only want to come back to PvP if you are accepting the fact that:

- Its a pay2win game now
- Wanna spend some money
- Want to grind for a month or possibly more to get all the reputation system passives

If you accepted these facts, you can actually have some fun in PvP again.
There are alot of factors now which are gravely underpowered, but there are also alot of good changes that have been implemented in the last few months, fixes, even now with the last patch notes for Romulus there are some wild and nice changes which will make alot of UP stuff powerful again, etc.

If you are dedicated you can achieve a competitive play, if not you will end up whining, crying etc.

The game has turned and its all about spike these days, no more easy spacebar spamming play.
Cant agree more....