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05-21-2013, 09:57 AM
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while we knew the plasmotic leech was gonna go into a box I honestly thought they would have waited until the next box and put the aceton assimilator in this box. Then maybe more people would have allied with kdf to get the leech spend the extra 1000zen for the ship/console, as more people playing kdf would give them incentive to make say more uniform/ship options for sale to kdf players win/win , meh lost opportunity but oh well waiting to start my kdf allied reman after the patch
Its only about how they can pull money from the feds and since many feds will not play the KDF regardless of what the KDF had to offer due to an unfed hatred of klingons they went for the money grab at launch of LoR to get as much fed spenders on the table as possible.
STO is not an Mmo, ots a virtual kiosk for Star Trek virtual stiff only.

Sad, really. The game had such potential.