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05-21-2013, 10:16 AM
Both Pve and PvP Resistance Rates are broken,

80 % of the time they are either to high or to low.
Very few mobs are balanced to their level appropriate

another major problem is the starter weapons do not compete with the later weapons

for example, Phasers are just not as good as anti-proton beams, and most
resistances to phasers is higher.

All Resistances should get a mechanical cap at 30%.


A lot of skills are broken when it comes to pvp, Like rapid fire spam.

We need to mechanic change the rapid fire to being a passive

- 1 second cool Down. or Something like this mechanic, so that
it gives less burst, but more dps.

Then we need to buff the damage on cannons, and give them
more impact value then beams (much more).

For example, We need to make Impact on a Captain value something like

200 Dps, 300 Impact on Cannon
300 Dps, 200 Impact on Beam

(the numbers are just conceptual)

It should work out that cannons shoot in a similar way that the defiant,
or the current disruptors do.

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