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Originally Posted by lazarus51166 View Post
thats a blatant lie. don't even think of trying to tell me otherwise, I have a networking degree. just because there is something wrong with the server does NOT mean that every single user is going to have that problem, it doesn't work that way

yes it does, how you connect is the same as how everyone else connects, how you route to the servers differs, oh, and i counter your 'network degree' with being god in my spare time

excuse me? drop the ignorant attitude. your 'simple logic' isn't simple or logical

again, that is not even remotely true. everyone would not have the same problem. you don't even know what the problem is so how exactly is it that you are saying that? do you even know how servers work? how connections work? how socket layers work? no? then don't tell people its their fault. this is a widespread problem. common sense says that when people that are having no problems playing any other mmo, are having constant connection problems here, that it isn't a problem on their end. if you want to talk about 'simple logic' start there.
you give lie to your 'network degree' by not even being able to perform simple troubleshooting routines. next time you want to pretend intelligence, or a degree in anything, at least research a bit first...

like...rofl@ common sense says if you play on others fine this should be fine...just.../facepalm. different server setups, different clients, different protocols, different timeouts, different routes to those servers, 'i have a network degree'

oh, and their is one thing that could be client specific, is if your hardware/software config, and the others here reporting issues, somehow got borked in some patch...that would be a case where others would have to have nearly an identical setup, and would be the only ones affected. everyone else would have no issues, still wouldn't be a server prob though. it would be the client communicating through whatever it doesn't like about your setup causing issues.
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