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05-21-2013, 11:23 AM
A Lolnial Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser w/ KDF Alien Eng Captain

Traits - Accurate, Astrophysicist, Efficient, Elusive, EPS Manifold Efficiency, Grace Under Fire, Helmsman, Techie, Warp Theorist

New Rom - Enhanced Shield Systems, Emergency Secondary Shielding, Quantum Singularity Manipulation
Nukara - Fortified Hull, Aux Power Config - Defense, Refracting Tetryon Cascade
Omega - Hull Repairing Nanites, Superior Shield Repair

EPtS1, ExS1, ExS2, AtS3

ST1, HE2, TSS3

DOFFs - 2x SDO(BFI), 2x DLS(ST), ME(AtS)

Deflector - Borg Mk XII
Impulse - Borg Mk XII
Core - Tal Shiar Adapted Borg Warp Core
Shield - KHG Mk XII

Fore - 4x Nanite Disruptor Turrets Mk XII
Aft - 4x Elite Fleet Disruptor Turrets Mk XII

Tac - Nanite Dispersal, Leech, Shield Destabilizer
Eng - 2x SIF Mk XII, 2x Neut Mk XII
Sci - Rom Emitter Mk XII [ShH], Rom Emitter Mk XII [HuH], Field Gen Mk XII

Devices - RMC, SFM, Eng Batt, Aux Batt

edit: Dropped the DCE's since Bran updated the patch notes.

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